Monday, February 7, 2011


My Joanne <3
I already posted today... but I had to make a post about my best friend's birthday today!!!! She's 23!!!!! YAYAYAYAY! Congratulations Joanne... you made it!!!!

I've known Joanne for a good 11-12 years. We met right before Junior High and turns out... she didn't like me. My old friend called Joanne's cousin a B word and Joanne thought it was me... and what happens? THE GIRL PUSHED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ran home. I thought, good thing I will never see her again! Little do I know, I go to school a month later and she is in my 6th grade class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think we talked, but as I was walking home I saw her and asked where she lived... and she said RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE I PUSHED YOU!!!!! hahahahhaha JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she didn't say that. She said she lived on the next block, and I don't really remember how it happened.. but we became best friends... Wherever I was, she was there.. and wherever she was... I was there. I'm surprised we weren't attached at the hip.

We walked to school together everyday... and little did our mothers know, but our breakfast was a .50 sugar drink, and a .50 bar of candy... now that I look back on it, not a bad buy for a buck. We were ALWAYS late for school.. one time, Joanne didn't wait for me.. and when I walked into class everyone clapped... I said "whats going on?" and they said "YOU HAVE THE MOST LATENESS'S... JOANNE IS 2nd place." The way I see it, We would have been tied if she had just waited. Oh well, atleast I'm 1st place in something. haha!

Me and Joanne lookin' fly. Back in the day!
I can believe how much we've gone through together:
  • Our first loves
  • Good times and bad
  • Breakup's
  • Laughter
  • Water fights we had in the house
  • Our first beer together
  • Water fights we had in the snow!!!!!!
  • Walking to the store in just pajams in the snow!
  • Shoveling snow in shorts and tank tops!
  • Behaving VERY badly in class
  • Sticking with each other through thick and thin
  • Having a FISH HEAD almost fall on our head while walking to school!
I love you Joanne and You have no idea how much this friendship means to me.. I know that we don't see each other all the time, but I think of you often and how much you've made me laugh over the past 11 years. I love you and I hope that you have the best birthday ever, because you deserve it!

Thanks for still being my friend after all these years, even though I blew out your Sweet 16th birthday candles.

Lots and Lots of Love, Katie.

Me and Joanne about 11 years ago... What were we doing? haha


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