Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Fantastic Things

So, Jessy(my boyfriend) and I recently became apart of the Chocolate Lemon Team... [A network made by gamers for gamers (can't believe that I just said something that cheesy. haha)] and I'm doing COS-PLAY make-up for them! WOO HOO!

I will still be uploading on my youtube channel, as well as theirs... or something along those lines; And I will also be TV personality (show host)... oooooo...ahhhhh. Jessy is handling pod-cast's as well as being the designer for their shirts and merchandise....
Anyway... Which brings me to my point of:


1. I am going to PAX EAST in March!!!!!! YES! (for those of you who do not know, It is a GIANT gamer convention... I'll be interviewing cos-play artist, developers [If I'm lucky] and probably just some random people.) from March 11-13 in Boston, MA

2. My mommy's Birthday is on March 24th... She passed away in 2006, and she would have been 54 this year... I'll probably go visit her grave and give her a GI-NOR-MUS bouquet of flowers.

3. My cousins 25th birthday is on March 27th.. The big one, he's gonna be a quarter of a century old. haha!

4. Mine and Jessy's 3 year anniversary is on March 28th! This is my LONGEST relationship ever... I've had a 3 year relationship before, but it was on and off... so it doesn't really count. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how fast 3 years went by!

5. IMATS is April 9-10 in NY!!!!!!!!!!!   Do I really need to say more?

I am super duper excited for all these excited upcoming events!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Let's see if I can take you along for the ride!!!!!!

Super Excited... Katie.

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