Monday, February 7, 2011


My Joanne <3
I already posted today... but I had to make a post about my best friend's birthday today!!!! She's 23!!!!! YAYAYAYAY! Congratulations Joanne... you made it!!!!

I've known Joanne for a good 11-12 years. We met right before Junior High and turns out... she didn't like me. My old friend called Joanne's cousin a B word and Joanne thought it was me... and what happens? THE GIRL PUSHED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ran home. I thought, good thing I will never see her again! Little do I know, I go to school a month later and she is in my 6th grade class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think we talked, but as I was walking home I saw her and asked where she lived... and she said RIGHT IN FRONT OF WHERE I PUSHED YOU!!!!! hahahahhaha JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she didn't say that. She said she lived on the next block, and I don't really remember how it happened.. but we became best friends... Wherever I was, she was there.. and wherever she was... I was there. I'm surprised we weren't attached at the hip.

We walked to school together everyday... and little did our mothers know, but our breakfast was a .50 sugar drink, and a .50 bar of candy... now that I look back on it, not a bad buy for a buck. We were ALWAYS late for school.. one time, Joanne didn't wait for me.. and when I walked into class everyone clapped... I said "whats going on?" and they said "YOU HAVE THE MOST LATENESS'S... JOANNE IS 2nd place." The way I see it, We would have been tied if she had just waited. Oh well, atleast I'm 1st place in something. haha!

Me and Joanne lookin' fly. Back in the day!
I can believe how much we've gone through together:
  • Our first loves
  • Good times and bad
  • Breakup's
  • Laughter
  • Water fights we had in the house
  • Our first beer together
  • Water fights we had in the snow!!!!!!
  • Walking to the store in just pajams in the snow!
  • Shoveling snow in shorts and tank tops!
  • Behaving VERY badly in class
  • Sticking with each other through thick and thin
  • Having a FISH HEAD almost fall on our head while walking to school!
I love you Joanne and You have no idea how much this friendship means to me.. I know that we don't see each other all the time, but I think of you often and how much you've made me laugh over the past 11 years. I love you and I hope that you have the best birthday ever, because you deserve it!

Thanks for still being my friend after all these years, even though I blew out your Sweet 16th birthday candles.

Lots and Lots of Love, Katie.

Me and Joanne about 11 years ago... What were we doing? haha


Super Fantastic Things

So, Jessy(my boyfriend) and I recently became apart of the Chocolate Lemon Team... [A network made by gamers for gamers (can't believe that I just said something that cheesy. haha)] and I'm doing COS-PLAY make-up for them! WOO HOO!

I will still be uploading on my youtube channel, as well as theirs... or something along those lines; And I will also be TV personality (show host)... oooooo...ahhhhh. Jessy is handling pod-cast's as well as being the designer for their shirts and merchandise....
Anyway... Which brings me to my point of:


1. I am going to PAX EAST in March!!!!!! YES! (for those of you who do not know, It is a GIANT gamer convention... I'll be interviewing cos-play artist, developers [If I'm lucky] and probably just some random people.) from March 11-13 in Boston, MA

2. My mommy's Birthday is on March 24th... She passed away in 2006, and she would have been 54 this year... I'll probably go visit her grave and give her a GI-NOR-MUS bouquet of flowers.

3. My cousins 25th birthday is on March 27th.. The big one, he's gonna be a quarter of a century old. haha!

4. Mine and Jessy's 3 year anniversary is on March 28th! This is my LONGEST relationship ever... I've had a 3 year relationship before, but it was on and off... so it doesn't really count. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how fast 3 years went by!

5. IMATS is April 9-10 in NY!!!!!!!!!!!   Do I really need to say more?

I am super duper excited for all these excited upcoming events!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Let's see if I can take you along for the ride!!!!!!

Super Excited... Katie.