Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Audition

Oh my Gosh! I am so excited!

I've been wanting to join a beauty collab on youtube,  (a page where a certain number of girls -usually 7, one for everyday of the week- are all on 1 channel and all upload the same topic video.) and really didn't know how... until I saw someone audition for SevenGorgeousLadies and made me think of auditioning. I mean, Why not me!? So far... There have been 21 auditions including mine. The audition might end today, as they don't have an exact closing date up yet. But I hope it does close today so I better my chances of getting a part... hahah!!!!! they are looking for 5 more girls... so my chance : 1 VS. 20. Let's see what happens....

Here is my audition: (lot's of randomness)

Go vote and Wish me luck please!!!!!

Fingers Crossed.... Katie.

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