Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kirsten Dunst Lula Inspired- Day time look

So today I was browsing for makeup ideas and inspirations, and I came across Kirsten Dunst's photo shoot in the Lula magazine and thought she looked so beautiful! She obviously had on makeup, but it looked as though she didn't!
Isn't she just beautiful!? I LOVE this look! So Like I said, I recreated it... 


First: I primed and prepped my face with ILLAMASQUA rich liquid foundation, in color RF210 then highlighted and contoured and sealed it nicely with a powder. 


Next: I used TRISH McEVORY simply nude pocket size beauty touch up kit... and used the peachy nude color all over the eye, including the bottom lash line. I then went in with virgin from the URBAN DECAY naked palette... and just went over the highlight areas, followed by the same brown found in the TRISH McEVORY kit, and went into the crease for a bit of dimension...

After that: I lined the very edge of my lid with a brown pencil eye liner, followed by curled lashes and mascara.

for the lips I used ULTA lip liner duo, in the color Flesh, and went over that using TCW's lip palette in a nude color. 


Both products I used were from TCW.. and the bronzer I applied in the hallows of my cheeks... and then I applied a light pink blush of the apples of my cheeks... added some highlight and WALLAH!  neutral.. you could follow these instructions.. or just watch the tutorial.. hahaha

Kirsten dunst Lula inspired- day time look! 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and take care!!!!! see you soon!!!!!! <3

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